So many maternity and newborn clients are requesting a “boho” theme for their sessions and we couldn’t be more excited! Besides being a style we love, there are so many reasons why boho is a good choice for anyone!

Timeless Appeal

Boho style has a timeless and nostalgic charm that transcends specific trends. Its mix of vintage elements, natural fabrics, and eclectic patterns can create a unique and individualistic look that resonates with people regardless of the current fashion climate. We can have so many fabrics and posing pieces at our studio to choose from, creating this look!


In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable and ethical fashion choices. Boho style often incorporates second-hand and upcycled pieces, promoting a more eco-friendly approach to dressing. As sustainability continues to be a significant concern in the fashion and design industry, boho’s eco-conscious aspects contribute to its popularity.

Freedom of Expression

Boho fashion allows for a wide range of self-expression and individuality. As people seek to express their unique personalities through clothing, boho’s relaxed, free-spirited aesthetic can be an attractive option.

Seasonal Adaptability

Boho style often incorporates flowy, layered garments, which can be adapted to different weather conditions. Its versatility might make it appealing across various seasons and locations.

Fusion with Other Styles

Design (fashion) is constantly evolving, and boho elements can blend seamlessly with other trends, creating new hybrid styles that appeal to a broader audience. No matter your decorating style, portrait art featuring a boho theme can generally be incorporated in your space!

La Vie Boheme!

Check out the gallery below to see some recent Maternity and Newborn portrait sessions featuring a boho style!

Boho is in style!

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