The session fee reserves your date in our calendar as well as:
1. The phone/email consultation for one-on-one planning and guidance
2. The session itself (up to three hours for newborns)
3. Access to all of our high quality props, clothing and accessories
4. The editing and enhancing of your images into works of art
5. Your in-person viewing and ordering appointment to help you select the images that will work best for your needs
(Session fees do not include any prints, products or digital files. Prints and/or collections sold separately.)
$59 weekdays/nights only
- Up to one hour session
- Consultation for one on one planning
- 2 outfits and access to our high quality gowns
 - Professional Editing and enhancing of images 
- In person “view and order” session
- Partners and children included

$149 weekday mornings only 
- Up to three hour session
- Consultation for one on one planning
-  Access to our props, clothing and accessories
- Professional Editing and enhancing of images
- In person “view and order” session
- Partners and children included 

$175 weekdays only for newborns (weekday/nights available for maternity)
- Your Maternity Session
- Your Newborn Session
-  Consultation for one on one planning 
- Access to our props, clothing and accessories
- Professional Editing and enhancing of images
-  In person “view and order” session
- Partners and children included.   

$59 weekdays only

(within 15 miles of 08071)  $150 

Print Collections (start at $495) -
Our pre-designed print packages are designed with a mix of prints, albums and/or wall art. Everything is finished and ready to be displayed in your home. 

Digital Collections (start at $695) -
Digital Collections include a USB and allow you to print your own images. Digital files are always fully edited, ready to print and include unlimited personal usage rights to the files. Image is Everything Studios, LLC retains copyright to all images as the original creator of the works. 

A La Carte (prints start at $65) -
This option allows you to purchase your art as individual prints and art pieces. 

We have a variety of products to choose from including small prints (8x10/5x7), Framed or Canvas Wall Art, Framed Collages as well as a variety of Albums/Print Folios. 

*Note: All of our clients receive matching social media files of any image purchased (prints and albums included)! These web-sized/watermarked files that are perfect for sharing online with friends and family, or just for safe keeping on your computer (not printable).

Contact us for additional pricing information!

Did you know that Image is Everything Studios offers a Baby Registry? Registries aren't just for diapers, clothes and baby items anymore. Now your friends and family can give you the life long gift of beautiful portraits of your soon to be little one! Our gift registry allows friends and family to contribute to a beautiful, meaningful gift that parents will cherish for a lifetime - the gift of photography. Contact us for more information and to see a sample registry! 


There are so many Maternity and Newborn photographers in the area; what makes your studio so unique?

When choosing our studio, we hope you are doing so because you realize the importance of creating a relationship between you/your child(ren) and your photographer. The families who visit our studio are often fun loving, cherish their babies at every stage, don't want to miss out capturing every milestone and completely understand the VALUE of professional portraiture.

Our clients love investing in art products like printed portraits, canvases and heirloom albums.  Knowing that they are leaving with printed art is a given, because while they can appreciate how digital files are cool to have, they know that nothing makes an impact (or lasts forever) like printed portraits.  Our families enjoy custom framed wall portraits, and yet, still take the time to print their iPhone photos for scrapbooks and personal albums.  They know that a picture just isn't a picture, but instead, a priceless memory for the next generation to look back on, when that picture is all they have left.

And when we say "our clients", it's weird to even call them clients even after just one session, because we've gotten to know each other so well.

Lastly, we've been here a LONG TIME.  Well, not just here as in this particular studio, but in this profession.  We're experts at maternity and newborn posing and making our clients look and feel their best.  Handling newborns with great care and safety (in a healthy, clean environment) is our priority; not to mention we can do it while juggling a toddler sibling and getting that perfect family shot!  Our goal is to leave you more than satisfied with your overall experience!

If that's the kind of relationship you want with your photographer, and the way you envision your art, then why wouldn't you choose our studio?

When should I contact you to schedule my Maternity or Newborn session?

We recommend all maternity sessions contact the studio in their 5th or 6th month of pregnancy to schedule a studio tour, if they are interested in working with us.  A tour will give you an idea of what it will be like to work with Desiree'/Stacy, a chance to describe what your vision for your portraits is, and most important, a chance to build a relationship with us before you come in for your appointment.  If you're a little late in scheduling your session, NO WORRIES!  We can generally get you on our schedule within a week or two, depending on the time of year.  And don't worry about clothing either; we have a HUGE selection of maternity gowns and wraps to choose from to use at your session!

For newborn clients, we recommend pre-booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance if you're not coming to us for maternity portraits.  All pre-booked newborn clients will take priority in scheduling over all other clients, as we ensure your baby is photographed within 14 days of birth to get those squishy, bendy newborn portraits you see on our website!

For all other sessions, please schedule 3-4 weeks in advance.  *Easter and Christmas sessions WILL SELL OUT early!!!!!

What are your hours?

A. The studio is open by appointment only. We schedule all newborns and baby clients on weekday mornings/early afternoons only.  We do have evening appointments available for older children, families, maternity sessions and ordering appointments.  Please call or email to the studio to schedule a session.

Where are you located?

We are located in Pitman, NJ.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer so many sets and props to our clients.  For your session, weather permitting, we can easily photograph you in the studio, and then step right outside for an entirely different look!



At Image is Everything Studios, pre-booking with our studio for your newborn portraits allows you to become a priority client.  You will be guaranteed a session before your baby is two weeks old and not wait for our next available opening on the schedule. (Generally we book our clients 3-5 weeks out)
Newborn sessions are allotted up to 3 hours, but generally last 60-90 minutes.  Our DEDICATED newborn room is perfect for your family, even if you need to bring along a sibling; it's never a problem.  We have the largest selections of props, backdrops, wraps, accessories and more for you to choose from at your session.  The room is kept cool for your comfort, but heated where the baby is photographed for his/her comfort.  Everything is washed in between sessions and we never book more than one newborn in the room per day, ensuring we maintain a germ-free environment. 


Maternity portraits are a wonderful way to document your pregnancy.  They can be a great gift to give yourself or your partner, not to mention a wonderful idea to add on with your newborn session.  Maternity sessions typically last 30-45 minutes.
We offer complimentary use of our massive maternity gown collection during your session and will help you decide what will work best with the look you are trying to achieve. We suggest booking your session between 28-32 weeks.


First birthday sessions at our studio are always special and unique! Babies are photographed with your favorite 2-3 outfits (yours or ours!) and focus on capturing their adorable personality as they turn from baby to toddler.  After newborn sessions, we believe First Birthday sessions are another important milestone in your child's life and should be celebrated and documented!


Generally, these sessions are an hour in length.  We allow time for an outfit change and an additional backdrop (or outdoor scene) use.  You'll also have access to our full stash of props and accessories!


Mini sessions are offered at various times throughout the year, usually coinciding with holidays or limited edition sets.  These quick 10-15 minute sessions are perfect for updating your walls and family's frames in between your regular portrait sessions with our studio. 

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