Most important when deciding on a newborn photographer is to consider how much experience they have, whether they specialize in newborn photography, and how many clients they’ve worked with.

Do they have experience with newborn photography?

If you’re considering hiring a new newborn photographer, make sure they have some experience with newborn photography. Ask them what kind of newborn photos they prefer to take (lifestyle vs posed, props or no props), and what kinds of shots they think will work well for your baby and family.

Are they insured and is safety a priority?

Sounds scary to think that something could happen, but depending on your photographer’s experience and training, there’s always a possibility. When choosing a photographer for your newborn session, make sure who you hire has insurance coverage for any accidents that might occur; including liability insurance, as well as professional indemnity insurance. Also, make sure your photographer has been properly trained in newborn safety from another reputable photographer or continuing education class.

Does it look like they know what they’re doing?

Ask friends and family members who have worked with photographers before to recommend one. Look at their portfolio online to see examples of their work and if they seem like they’ve worked with a wide range of families, similar to your own. A sleeping baby LOOKS easy to work with, but there are tips and tricks to get them into that sleepy state and to stay there while posing and moving. Some babies, regardless of what we do, refuse to sleep. That’s OK!!! Make sure your photographer also has photos of awake newborns in their portfolio, ensuring you’ll have great photos no matter your baby’s disposition that day.

Is there an online gallery or website where you can view their work?

A reputable newborn photographer will have a website or online gallery where you can view their work. This gives you a chance to see samples of their work and decide whether you like their style. It also helps you determine their pricing and if it’s in your budget to work with them. Be wary of “professional” photographers who have a Facebook page only, or who only accept cash or Paypal/Venmo as payment. More than likely, they are not insured or properly trained and therefore, not really professional at all.

Are you located in NJ, PA or DE? If so, maybe we are the photographer who is perfect for your newborn!

We love working with newborns and their families, from pregnancy until after baby’s first birthday! This is the MOST precious and important time in you and your baby’s life. We understand this and would love to be considered when choosing a photographer that is right for you. Check out our newborn galleries here on our website, or take a virtual studio tour!

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Newborn Photographer

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